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The #1 Bird and Wildlife Problems Removal, Deterrents and Control Service!

Bird and wildlife problems are not a problem for us
We are the #1 Bird and Wildlife Problems Removal, Deterrents and Control Service! We have highly trained and skilled workers, experienced in all phases of bird control. While bird control is associated with the pest management industry, controlling birds is not at all similar to controlling insects or other vertebrate animals. The services are very dissimilar, like oil and water. At Bird Control Services we use a wide variety of proven methods to control nuisance birds.

This image displays a perch deterrent which helps with both bird removal and controlTestimonial

“We were finding bird droppings and waste throughout the attic of our office and Bird Control Services took care of it all!”

– Sonny

Our nets and mesh systems are perfect for bird and wildlife problems allowing for safe removal, deterrents and control of the nuisance animalsBird Deterrent Solutions

No preconceived solutions or products are ever brought to the property inspection and forced to solve your concern.

Bird Control Methods

  • Structural Bird Net
  • Anti-roosting Shock Track
  • Metal Mesh / Sheet Mesh Exclusion
  • Anti-Roosting Spikes
  • Foam Blockers
  • Perch Blockers
  • Wire Deterrent System
  • Aural Dispersion
  • Baiting Programs
  • Anti-Roosting Repellent
  • Hazing

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